Ketter Letter - October-November Edition

Introduction to the October-November Ketter Letter:

As Christmas approaches, the mercury is rising and so is the pressure on the directionless minority Morrison Government to call an election and let the people decide the future of Australia.

Sco-Mo today announced he will deliver a surplus budget on 2 April next year.  But after a strong Labor victory in Victoria, the Liberal Nationals' in-fighting, chaos and dysfunction is reaching new heights. 

The PM's budget announcement was being made at the exact same time that one of his MPs was advising Parliament htat she had left the Liberal Party and joined the Cross Bench!  The instability of this Liberal National government is mind boggling!  

Labor will continue fighting for Australian jobs and investment in health and education, while the other side is focussed only on trying to save their own jobs.

Labor wants to bring back the fair go right across this country.  Unlike the Liberal Nationals, we have the policies and the drive.  Labor policies are costed, they are sensible, they are transparent and they are fair.

I encourage all readers to get involved on your local Federal campaigns now (if you're not already).  You can help by telling your family, your friends, your neighbours and fellow community group members about Labor's policies; and through high visibility street stalls, doorknocking and phone calling.  We need to have these conversations with voters now - we need to be ready for an election.

Join me in fighting for a Labor Fair Go.

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