Ketter Letter - March-April 2019

Welcome to the second Ketter Letter of 2019 and almost assuredly the last before the Federal Election is called.  Are we there yet...?

Many readers will have recently received a Liberal-National Party newsletter in their letterbox, with the LNP spruiking their so-called local achievements and attacking Labor.  I have included some facts to counter these unfair attacks on Labor - on border protection and managing the economy - under Policy Talking Points below.

In addition to Labor's strong economic record, we have over 200 already announced Labor policies - on health and education, job creating infrastructure and much, much more. 

It is our Labor policies - like bigger, better, fairer tax cuts and restoring penalty rates - that will bring back the Fair Go across Australia.

As I travel across my duty electorates of Petrie, Dickson, Flynn, Ryan, Maranoa and Wright, I see the need for a stronger voice for everyday Australians.  I see the need for policies that:

  • make multinational companies pay their fair share of tax;
  • restore cruel Liberal funding cuts to our schools and hospitals;
  • address the rising cost of living; and
  • tip the balance back towards the average person, our workers and our families. 

As we head into Budget week, Labor has the policies and we have a stable, united team to see them through.  That's why I'm proud to be standing again, on a Fair Go Labor platform, for election to the Senate.

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