A Day In The Life Of A Senator

As a Senator, it is my job to represent Queenslanders in Federal Parliament, vote on proposed laws and make speeches that advocate on behalf of everyday Australian families. 

Currently, I sit on a number of parliamentary committees which constitutes part of an important framework of the Senate’s accountability process.  My committee representation covers:

In order to successfully fulfil my parliamentary duties, I believe as a Senator, it is critical to work hard at the local level and remain grounded and reflective of the community. This involves attending community events, raising money for charitable causes, campaigning on important issues and hearing directly from residents, schools, community groups, businesses, councils and other local representatives.

Another part of my role involves connecting with the media and using online platforms to communicate parliamentary activities or issues back to the community.

On a personal level, I believe in a fair industrial relations system and a fair social welfare safety net; while at the same time pursuing policies that lead to job creation and sensible economic growth.  My top three priorities include:

  1. economic development,
  2. job creation, as well as
  3. robust and sensible financial management practices

(Source Parliamentary Education Office)  


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