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Ketter Letter - February 2019

Welcome to the first Ketter Letter of 2019!

As we draw ever closer to the Federal election, it is crucial that we are talking about positive Labor policies.

Labor has over 200 already announced Labor policies - on health and education, job creating infrastructure and much, much more that we can be telling voters about.

While members of the chaotic, divided Coalition are dropping like flies (Kelly O'Dwyer, Nigel Scullion and Michael Keenan to name just a few!), and the in-fighting escalates, our Federal Labor team is strong, stable and united under Bill Shorten's leadership.

Labor is ready for the election, we are ready for government.

Together, let's bring back the Fair Go.

Ketter Letter - October-November Edition

As Christmas approaches, the mercury is rising and so is the pressure on the directionless minority Morrison Government to call an election and let the people decide the future of Australia.  Catch the latest from Queensland and Canberra in this edition of the Ketter Letter.

Congratulations to Ava and Isla

Congratulations to my 2018 Christmas Card Competition winners - Ava (Year 2, Wowan State School) and Isla (Year 2, The Lakes College).  With over 170 entries across the Flynn and Petrie electorates, the competition was fierce!