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The Ketter Letter - Battlers Vs Big Business Budget Special - May 2018

Malcolm Turnbull is putting big business before battlers as usual.  The 2018-19 Federal Budget is like every other Liberal budget – it fails the fairness test, giving a tax handout to big business and the banks, while hitting schools and hospitals with savage cuts.  The only way to stop these Coalition cuts and protect our schools, hospitals, pensioners and workers is to kick Turnbull out at the next election.

Bill Shorten and Labor have a plan.  We can and will do better.  We're ready to restore the balance of fairness in Australia.  We're ready for an election!

Stephen Jones - Small Business Roundtable

Thank you to the local business owners and workers who attended my roundtable on NBN and regional development issues on 16 May 2018.  It was great to join with Shadow Minister Stephen Jones and Labor's Candidates for Petrie and Dickson, Corinne Mulholland and Ali France to hear about local concerns and workshop Labor's plans for the future.

NBN Interactive Survey

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